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Wood Siding Advantages: Overshadowing The Cons

We recently got our home re-sided, decided I’d take a few minutes to talk about what we discovered through the project. For me, this was not a do-it-yourself project so it intended meeting with several siding contractors. Eventually you are going to have to make two important decisions. Determining style of siding you feel would look best with your home and what materials you would like your siding to be manufactured with. The second, unless you intend to install the siding by yourself you are going to need to select a siding company that has experience dealing with the sort of siding you pick.

For me selecting the siding style was the easiest even though there surely are several options to choose from. For our house, which had wood clapboard siding already, it was quite simple to choose use a horizontal siding although we decided to incorporate a beveled siding for a bit more character.

Selecting the material we desired the siding to be produced from was a much more challenging decision. We found there are three fundamental kinds of siding including wood, vinyl siding, and fiber cement siding. All three had their own weaknesses and strengths which made the choice fairly difficult but ultimately we chose to have fiber cement siding installed. We felt that wood siding was possibly worth the added maintenance if you’re going to have it natural looking, but we wanted to keep our home the exact same color so it was not a very good option for my family. Vinyl siding which can be really low maintenance was appealing for that reason not to mention it was the most inexpensive option, but eventually we believed it didn’t look as fine as fiber cement.

While fiber cement was a bit more costly than vinyl and certainly less expensive than wood we felt it provided the greatest balance of cost, natural looking material, and low maintenance. Lacking much expertise with it we were happily surprised in the quality of its appearance. It was also a bonus that the siding was sent in the color that we chose making the job go far more quickly than we anticipated.

Because fiber cement siding is fairly new to industry we did have concerns about getting a contractor with a lot of experience installing it. But given its popularity in recent years virtually everyone of the contractors we talked to had a lot of experience dealing with it. Therefore choosing a contractor really came down to things that really matter for choosing anyone who works on your house. One question we found very helpful was have you got liability and workers comp insurance coverage, that combined with a little online researching to confirm a strong reputation and checking with personal references certainly made picking our contractor quite apparent.

Ultimately picking siding which we really liked and picking a contractor to set it up was a pretty easy endeavor especially given the cost of siding, which is actually fairly considerable. One thing that I think will be helpful is to go to Home Depot or Lowe’s before beginning the job so you have a chance to take a look at each type of siding before meeting with any contractors. Then when you have a few siding installation providers come out to your house to provide you bids you will be definitely better prepared in your options. Then this is a pretty simple process to choose the siding that meets your personal preferences, your budget, and picking a siding contractor you’re confident with. Best of luck!

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