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What’s a Domain Name and Why Do You Have to have One?

Lots of people wonder “What is a domain name?”. They also wonder why it is recommended to own one. First of all, it’s very useful to know what it actually is. A domain name is commonly used to swap number addresses which are used by the net with a name which is much easier to remember. On the net, the IP (Internet Protocol) address is used to contact servers. The Ip consists of four sets of three numbers. This is very hard for many people to memorize. It is a whole lot easier to link to an IP address that has a domain name instead. To illustrate, the domain name describes a team of several IP addresses that may sometimes change. However, an individual only would need to remember to arrive at that website.

It is helpful to know how domain names work when determining the answer to the question “What is a domain name?”. There is an Internet protocol called DNS (Domain Name Service). Its job is to translate domain names into IP addresses. When the network equipment route data files all over the Internet, they use IP addresses to determine how to get a data packet from point A to point B. For example, an online browser will send a request to access the website. The DNS service on your computer sends a request to obtain the IP address. After the IP address is received, the browser will connect with the server using that address. In the event the IP address is not recognized because the DNS services are down, it’s close to impossible for the internet browser to make contact with the web page. That’s the reason why a domain name is really important.

Someone that hopes to open a web site needs a domain name. Nobody memorizes IP addresses, plus they are subject to change after some time. Luckily, it is quite reasonably priced to buy a domain name. The issue will likely be finding the one that hasn’t previously been taken by another individual. However, including several words and dashes are good ways to finding an unused domain name. The process to obtain a domain name for your own website is not challenging for anyone who knows the basic principles of “What is a domain name?”.

You will find great companies on the market where you can get a domain name at a very reasonable price. The domain name regarding my website set me back a mere $2.99/year. NameCheap is my personal favorite, but there are numerous other great companies out there. Go Daddy, and Bluehost are great website hosts which also offer domain names. Look at a handful of companies and select the one that best fits your preferences.

People that can answer the question “What is a domain name?” will certainly have a much easier time understanding how the world-wide-web operates and the way to run a website. This is especially useful any time a website or computer’s desktop internet browser is down. For instance, a knowledgeable user can find out very quickly whether it’s a DNS problem or not. That is why it is helpful to understand how a domain name works.

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