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What You Should Know About Kenosha Urgent Care Facilities?

Urgent care facilities are not the same as health clinics in that you do not have to have a family physician in order to see a doctor there. When a patient visits an urgent care clinic it is likely that they will be seen by a different doctor each time they have a health problem and must see a physician for treatment. There are also differences between emergency rooms and Urgent Care in Kenosha facilities.

Kenosha Urgent Care facilities are also called Kenosha Clinic Walk-in center since patients simply walk in and register to see a doctor without the requirement of making an appointment. People can also see a doctor without an appointment by spending hours in an emergency room waiting room without an appointment.

While it is true that the identical services can be received at either an emergency room or Kenosha Urgent Care facility except those that are lift threatening. At those times when an ambulance is the means of transportation to deliver a person to a location where they can receive medical treatment, that location is an emergency room.

Generally speaking, the greatest difference between emergency rooms and Kenosha Urgent Care centers is in the level of care offered. While it is true that an emergency room has the potential for treating any level of illness or injury, they specialize in treating life-threatening conditions on an emergency basis. Doctors and nurses give top priority to treating life threatening conditions that come into emergency rooms. This is where greater access to life saving equipment and techniques are readily available.

A Kenosha Health Clinic is the place where people go for treatment of things like the common cold, flu, headaches, stomachaches, and other non life-threatening conditions. After seeing patients there, doctors may determine that the condition is serious enough to send them to the hospital. Clinics are typically where people go when they need to see a family physician who has the ability to follow conditions by maintaining patient records and long term medical histories.

Family doctors located at Kenosha Health Clinics are a critical element for proper health care because they observe a patient over a long term. However, one cannot overlook the importance of having Kenosha Urgent Care facilities available. Sometimes, it is not possible to get in to see a family physician without an appointment. If time is of the essence, and you would rather not wait to see your family practitioner, it is okay to see a doctor at an urgent care center.

There is no difference in the quality of care received no matter where you see a doctor. Well trained doctors and nurses are in attendance at each of these. A very important difference between urgent care centers and emergency rooms is that emergency room personnel triage individuals by the urgency of needed care. With an urgent care clinic patients are seen in the order in which they arrived. Urgent care facilities and emergency rooms also differ in how patients are billed and how well insurance companies pay.

Well informed patients must understand the differences that not always evident between these health care centers are able to make better decisions as to where they wish to receive treatment.

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