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What To Know If You Need To Select A Reliable Painting Contractor

Making the mistake of hiring the wrong residential painting contractor can be a costly one and sometimes even set you back years of preparing for your new job. You want to prevent that from happening but you’re thrown by the amount of choices out there then you’re looking in the right place. Take the advice given here to heart before you make your decision.

Get an attorney involved during the contract process. An attorney can read a contract and knows what typically goes into a residential painting contractor agreement. The attorney can protect you by placing things in the contract that you may have never thought of.

Don’t set it and forget it! It’s the residential painting contractor’s job to manage the work site, but you need to be involved. Visit often (but don’t get in the crew’s way) and make sure that the area is clean, the crew is on time and professional, and that the contractor seems to have a good handle on operations. You’re not being annoying if you decide to drop in for a surprise visit – you’re being thorough.

Though it may seem to be a given, verify your residential painting contractor is going to follow the job through to completion. Many contractors use painters. Make sure the contractors are going to examine the work and inspect the accomplished project.

Make it a rule for the residential painting contractor to sign time sheets daily and inspect the work site regularly to ensure maximum professionalism. All aspects of the project must be in a written contract which has to be signed by the contractor. Let them always be submitting work samples which you have to examine thoroughly. This will assist you in knowing if they will meet your goals.

Constructive criticism is ok. You must be honest with your residential painting contractor but not personal. Provide constructive criticism in a natural method. Always remember to be particular with your comments. A “many people don’t like it” doesn’t help anyone!

Ensure that there is a clause in your contract stating that everything provided for in that document must be in adherence to state and local regulations, and that the residential painting contractor must abide by all applicable state and local laws and regulations at all times. This way, if they break the law, they’re the ones responsible for paying the fines – not you.

If a residential painting contractor is new to the business, make sure to ask questions to verify that he/she is qualified. See if the contractor completed an apprenticeship. Also find out if he/she used to conduct business under a different name and adopted a new business name to hide negative reviews.

If your job involves moving the furniture out of the way or removing a fence, then the residential painting contractor might refuse doing it as it is not an integral part of his duty. Either you define what work the contractor has to do or you should have it done yourself.

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