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What new outfits should one get for college?

You are excited. You’ve chosen the university you want to attend and in a few days, you will be going to registration. Now you need to decide what clothes you will take. What do you need to bring with you to college?

With the desire of being stylish and comfy at the same time, how can you put together a wardrobe that meets this goal?


Come along with your five pairs of jeans or chino pants. Both of these can be adjusted for either casual wear or that night out. Bring sweats, track pants, shorts for wear when lounging and for the colder times.

Your wardrobe will need to have plenty of T-Shirts as these are somewhat a staple for your wardrobe. You might require various colors for various occasions. For any type of weather, t-shirts can be layered for both cold and hot weathers. Make sure these shirts are both short and long sleeve. Also consider bringing down button and some polo shirts.

If you are heading towards the north you should come along with a light jacket alongside a winter jacket for both men and women.

Pack those pajamas, and underwear as well and long handles for that cold time. Pajamas ensure that you can share bathrooms with modesty. They come in handy when lounging and late night study.

College is a great time in most students’ lives. In college you get to meet new people and learn new things while you mature. Knowing the clothes to bring really helps in making that a wonderful experience.


As many students are on budget, they must be careful on selecting the clothes. Below are some tips on getting about this task.

Ensure that you have five pairs of good fitting jeans. College students find these comfy yet stylish apparel. They are quite comfortable as they can be used while you are in class and also during night outs. You will want to add to these two pairs of shorts and some sweats to lounge in. You will certainly want at least one pair of slacks for that special time out.

Bring along a dress that you can alter by just adding and subtracting accessories. You can also bring a skirt. They are very flexible for casual and dress-up occasions.

You might need a tank top for the hot weather and for layering during the cold. Tank tops can be easily layered one on top of the other. A good example are the women bodysuits that can be easily removed with a change in temperature. Make sure that you chose various colors. Chose a couple of sweaters; one dressy, and one casual. Include also a pair of nice blouses.

Don’ forget to bring a spring jacket and a heavy winter coat. If you live in the tropics, you can always leave your winter coat at home. If you are going to the Midwest, it’s better to take both.

Thank you for reading. Hopefully you thought my ideas interesting. If you are looking for more, come see my Women bodysuit twitter board.