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What An Arab Turban Is

An Arab turban could be worn by a person of the Arab world, such as a Muslim, someone of the Islamic religion or a Sikhism person. It is a cloth wrapped around the head of the individual, and it represents a variety of things relating to religion and spiritualism. These types of head cloths are worn by persons of other religious cultures as well.

These turbans are made from slender pieces of clothing, mostly silk, cotton or synthetic, that are very long. These turbans are wrapped around the head a lot of times to make sure the crown cannot be seen. The truth is, that turbans have come a long way; however, today they have gradually become a symbol of identity for Muslims.

The turban was brought to life by a man referred to as Prophet Mohammed, and he was a part of the Islamic religion. The headdress is not simply a fashion statement, it has a meaningful purpose. It is used to show honesty, self-respect and manliness. Turbans can also be apparently different in their appearance.

There are some turbans that are worn by Muslims of the Arab world, and there are other types of turbans that are not worn by Muslims who live in the Arab world. The specially weaved Arab turbans for Muslims can be easily recognized when you are also a Muslim. They are distinguished and dissimilar from the normal turbans. Where Islamic men are concerned, they wear turbans to follow the instructions of the Quran, to dress modestly and also appropriately during their prayer times.

When prayers are conducted, it is believed that one will receive certain rewards from the Islamic God, Allah. The turban helps to show honor to their God, who will then bestow upon them rewards of up to twenty-five times more. Besides all the religious facts regarding turbans, they are also great protectors from sunlight, dust and dirt. They therefore have a practical side to them as well. Turbans are often seen in black, green or white, but could really be of any color.

White and green turbans were worn by the Prophet Mohammed, which is perhaps why these colors are used more often. Significant as well, is the height of the headdress. Taller turbans represent those who are more wealthy. The person wearing the turban in this article is referred to as a ‘he’, because Islamic woman are expected to wear other types of attire.

Woman of the Islamic community show respect to their husbands (and Allah) by wearing the hajib. If translated, this word would mean a cover, or a curtain, which is applicable to the look of the hajib. It is there to demonstrate a woman’s modesty when she is in a crowd, and will only allow her face to be seen. Her hands are also the only other part of her body that may be left uncovered.

An Arab turban stands for and represents so much to the Islamic world. This is why there are so many Muslims who hate to see non-Muslims wearing turbans. Today, there are also many styles of turbans. This is because fashion designers have descended on them, and have helped to give them a whole new look.

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