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Weight Training Should Accompany Agility As Well

WrestleMania XXIX had shown a number of things to me but the biggest is that simply being powerful isn’t enough to make good matches. Yes, I understand that weight training is a big part of the business and there has to be a focus on looks so that people can visually interpret these behemoths and larger-than-life figures work in front of them. My issue, however, lies in the fact that a good number of matches involving solely strength do not work. Quickness is oftentimes the omitted element.

If I could count off the quantity of times I almost nodded off during the event, I am sure I would lose count before long. First of all, the main exhibition of WrestleMania was John Cena versus the Rock and it was regarded as being the event not to miss. However, what I observed was nothing short of a shoddy contest as movement seemed limited and nothing appeared to pick up until the very end. Considering that the match took up a little more than a half hour of time, one would expect higher quality.

Weight training is unquestionably important but to say that it deserves all of the focus would be something of a lie. The reason that I say this is because while someone may appear to be in optimal shape, I don’t think that it means the activity is going to mesh as well. Power has to be accompanied by quickness but I did not see that occur much during the show. Why hasn’t there been more universal workouts to include all facets, recommended by names such as Lorna?

However, I can’t say that each of the matches was slow. In fact, there were a few of them that seemed to pick up the pace and CM Punk vs. the Undertaker was easily my favorite of the bunch and a proven example of speed and power combined. The Undertaker proved himself despite being an aging legend in the wrestling business today. Punk was able to move and execute his moves quickly and it appeared as though the two of them meshed well during that night to make a great contest.

Weight training is a sensitive subject and one that must be approached in a careful way. Thankfully, the kinds of kettlebell regimens that have become trendy today seem to come recommended more than most. This is the type of exercise that allows you to train just about every area of the body so that you do not miss a single area. If there is one thing that this routine has taught me, amongst other things, it’s that working out can be done much better than with old school free weights alone.

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