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Ways to download windows 8 free

Microsoft’s recent unveiling from the Consumer Preview version of Windows 8 represents the most significant change to Windows in decades. We’ll take you step-by-step through eight with the the latest features you’re sure to notice right off the bat.

While Windows 8 can also be intended to run using a tablet, we’ll be focusing on how it runs on a fantastic ol’ desktop or laptop PC. It may not appear to be your old Windows to begin with, though the additional features will let you ease directly in. Pretty soon, you’ll be searching, jumping and multitasking prefer advisors.

Windows 8 desktop
Firstly, despite all the new changes that happen to be coming, Windows 8 does still offer you a normal desktop. You might have perhaps heard a great deal of mention the brand new Metro UI and in what way Windows 8 will operated with tablets. On PCs, though, you may see your desktop and continue using your personal computer in the same way you normally would.

There several differences from earlier versions of Windows, however. Decreasing is always that you cannot find any more Start Menu. The button is fully gone. Pressing the Windows button on your own keyboard walks you towards Metro UI, which can be a good way to go to your apps. You can also search or utilize new Jump List. And you will still pin your favorite programs on the taskbar or create shortcuts on your own desktop.

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Whilst the appearance is quite just like Windows 7, the windows themselves have much sharper, square corners. Large with the windows may now change automatically to match your images if you are using rotating pictures for ones background. These little things are quite noticeable therefore making you feel like you have something totally new

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