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Watching Yourself: Finding The Orthodontist That Is Right For You

When starting on a journey you need a map. You need something to guide your travel. These propositions on locating a qualified orthodontist are your road map to success.

Do you have a specialist, such as a dermatologist or OB GYN? If so, they are a great source to search for referrals for a primary care dentist. They work with many and get to hear what other patients think about them. They wouldn’t risk tarnishing their reputation by referring you to an orthodontist that might not be that great. Check with them when you want to find the best orthodontist.

If you are looking for affordable or low cost health clinics you can search online for databases of their locations throughout the country. When viewing these remember that different organizations have different qualifications some of which you do not apply to.

Use your insurance company’s website. Most insurance companies have a feature that allows you to search for an orthodontist or dental group. Check out what previous users also insured by your insurance provider have to say about the orthodontist. The visit is not the only thing that makes the experience, but also how they handle your billing and insurance.

How does your orthodontist’s office manage phone calls outside of normal hours? Do they have an answering service and would you be able to reach him/her in case of emergency? You should ensure that your dentist is reachable when you need dental assistance.

Dentists born and raised in your community tend to provide the greatest level of care. If they grew up in the neighborhood and stuck around to open their practice, then it shows they care about the people around them. These orthodontists earn their living based on their reputation. They typically like where they live, too. These two things, when combined, will make your orthodontist strive to provide excellence.

If there are any construction projects happening at the office, determine if this will affect the availability of the orthodontist. Ask if there is an alternative office that the orthodontist will see patients in, or if there will be a time that the office will be closed. In this case, determine how your care will be managed. A good office will consider their patients’ inconvenience during construction.

If you are comfortable with it, ask your work colleagues for recommendations on a dentist. Just be careful not to disclose anything that might become fodder for office gossip.

Similar to concierge drug is a PCMH (Patient Centered Dental Home). The PCMH uses some of the same methods. The patient has a personal dentist who provides “first contact” care and then coordinates the treatment from specialist to specialist.

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