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Virginia Public Arrest Records

The state of Virginia allows its residents to gain access to the criminal records of the state. This promotes visibility with what is going on in the state and promotes awareness. Virginia criminal records are just one of the many public documents available in the state. With such documents being available to the public, the safety of the people can be secured in way that the residents are being careful with the people they interact with daily.

The criminal records in Virginia have information about the convicted individual. The personal information of the convicted individual such as the name and the aliases are indicated on the file. The crimes and the offenses that the individual has committed are documented on the file. It is also indicated on the file whether the case has been closed or still being investigated. Additional information that can be found on a criminal record includes the arrest details as well as the police reports especially if the individual has been involved in other violations.

The residents of Virginia would request for a copy of a criminal record for several reasons. Background check is one of the top reasons for accessing such files. Employers are among the people who regularly request for this type of document. This is usually done to make sure that the people they have are qualified employees. This can prevent employee-related problems from arising. Employers also check on their potential clients to make sure that they have legitimate partners who can help them grow the business without worry. Private investigators would refer to such files when processing a criminal case.

The Central Criminal Records Exchange in the Virginia State Police s where all of the state’s criminal records are kept and managed. This is the office that one should check in order to request for a copy of a criminal record. One has to pay a processing fee of $15 to conduct a name based search. It would cost $13 to do a fingerprint search. Such method is usually allowed only for employers who wish to check a certain file.

Another way to request for a criminal record in Virginia is to send a mail request to the office. One should include all the necessary information needed to perform the search. In addition to that, the application form has to be notarized. One can also conduct the search through a third party provider. However, both the mail order and the third party options would take a while for the needed document to be obtained. If waiting is not an option, one can do the search online.

The Internet has made the retrieval of a criminal record easier and convenient. There is no need to go to any office just to file the request. Online criminal records can be obtained even at home and the results are displayed in just seconds instead of days. This is the choice of the residents of Virginia because not only can they can save time but they can eventually save energy and cost in getting such documents.

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