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Use Fire Safety during the Holidays

The holiday season brings cheer and festivities to most individuals in the United States. Fancy parties and gathering with family are a hallmark of the latter part of every year.

But the holiday season is also the time of fire danger. Every year around the holiday’s the number of reported residential and commercial fires see a spike in volume.

This boost in kitchen activity due to the necessary preparations of the holiday feasts comes with added risk, however. Kitchen fires are the leading cause of residential fires that cause damage to American homes every year.

This is due largely to the fact that the kitchen area of a home houses both flammable materials as well as heat sources capable of producing intense, ignition point, temperatures. Avoid incurring personal injury and residential fire repair with their associated costs this holiday season by following a few safety procedures.

Because of this it is important that homeowners and families understand the dangers of gasoline and other fuels and how to best use safety while around them. The occurrence of fires involving gasoline has been on a steady decline ever since the year 1980 when over 15,000 house fires involved accelerants like gasoline.

The cost of these holiday house fires has the potential to reach over twenty five million dollars in property damage every year and results in the deaths of an average of twenty one persons annually. Two hundred and forty of those fires involved Christmas trees, making the most likely ignition point for destructive home fires incurred over the holidays to come from the beloved and recognized symbol of Christmas.

Learning how to mitigate the risk posed by holiday decorations like lights and the Christmas tree can help a family be save this holiday season and avoid the tragedy of a destructive home fire and its resultant residential fire repair costs. Being armed with knowledge is the best way for a family and for an individual to avoid these holiday risks.

The first thing to remember is that a hydrated tree is a safe tree. Watering Christmas trees regularly will decrease the chances that the trees will combust in flame due to a short in the decorative lights or candles.

If this should happen to you and your clothes catch on fire, it is vital that you remain calm and remember what you were taught in grade school all those years ago; stop, drop, and roll. As you roll to extinguish the fire try to cover your face with your hands if possible.

Treat minor burns by running cool water over the area for three to five minutes and applying a clean cloth bandage to the area. Call emergency services to assist you and do not apply creams or lotions to the burned area.

Only limited amounts of gasoline should be stored at one time to avoid increased risk of suffering a dangerous and damaging house fire.

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