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Training For A Kilimanjaro Safari

Mount Kilimanjaro found in the heart of East Africa is regarded as one of the seven peaks. This is because it is one among the seven highest mountains world wide. Taking a Kilimanjaro safari will therefore require adequate preparation if one hopes to see what the mountain has to offer.

An individual who feels is in the right shape of mind and body can choose to climb to the top. For those looking to enjoy the scenery, it may be advisable to take a walk around the mountain base and the glaciers. Both of these options will require one to be prepared both mentally and physically.

Individuals are also expected to select the guides that they will be working with. It is not possible for a person to take the climb without a guide by his side. The local guides have been well trained on the terrain as well as on survival tactics.

Guide selection can be done via the web or in person. It is however important for one to research on all available local companies. Talking to individuals who has scaled the glaciers before can be instrumental in selecting the best company to work with.

Once the guide has been selected, the training program should commence immediately. A good guide is able to provide training on altitude and also on how to maintain weight. This is because each individual is required to carry a backpack during the climb.

Route selection is also done during the training sessions. Guides will in many cases provide a detailed description of each route and what is to be expected. The more complicated a route is, the more vigorous the training is likely to be.

The climbing team can take a few days prior to making the climb to visit the Mara. The Mara is one of the largest game parks in Africa and is home to animals such as elephants, Columbus monkeys and also lions. Individuals are also expected to come across the monkeys when crossing the tropical forest located at the mountain base.

Training for a Kilimanjaro safari will include inquiring on the items that one will need for the climb. Information on such items can be obtained in a number of ways. To be sure, one should only get this type of information from the company that he will be working with for this particular tour.

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