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Tips on Your First Psychic Reading

Psychic readings are becoming very popular these days, however, not all psychic abilities are the same. The most important thing is to get informed on the different skill sets of the person you choose to do your psychic readings. A psychic medium is not only psychic, but can also contact the other side and give you information on friends and relatives that have crossed over. They can aid in finding missing people, lost items and contacting a deceased person.

A good psychic who uses the Tarot, may not be a medium. A psychic medium should be able to help you contact deceased relatives and give you specific information about them. A Tarot reader should not be asked to contact your friends and relatives on the other site because that is not what they do. It is important to know the different gifts that advisors possess so that you get what you need out of the reading.

A psychic who is clairvoyant or clairsentient can often pick up the other side, but their strong points are here on the earth plane. Some are very good at pin-pointing what will happen in your love-life or career because they receive images (Clairvoyant), while another psychic is very good at giving you information on how a person thinks and feels (Clairsentient). One of the two skills: either Clairvoyant or Clairsentient is usually more prominent. This will give you a good idea of how to choose a psychic based on their ability and the questions that you want answered.

Tarot readings – Some people have learned the Tarot but are not psychic, although some say they are. However, some good psychics and mediums will use the Tarot as a spring-board to jump start a reading and will use their psychic abilities to receive most of the information. Tarot readings are meant to give guidelines for where you are in a particular (or general) situation and if you stick to the path you are on, where you are most likely to head in the future.

Psychic information is received by clairvoyance (pictures), clairsentience (feelings of thoughts and emotions of others) and clairaudience (hearing words). Not always to the pictures, thoughts or words come in exact details. The type of information that a psychic reader gets must be interpreted which is skill that is developed over time by real professionals.

Important tips to consider before your call:

1. Have your questions ready

2. Write your questions down

3. Be prepared to let your advisor know the situation you are asking about

The most important thing in order to get the most from your psychic readings is to have an open mind. Write down the information you receive, let it sink in after your reading and you’ll be surprised that some of the information you received and didn’t make sense at the time, will make sense to you within a few days. Have patience and most of all be prepared to talk with your advisor.

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