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Tips On How To Get The Best Nj Wedding Dj

When preparing for your wedding, one of the things you have to take care is the music played during the reception. I most cases one has to choose between a jockey and a band. It is not an easy choice to choose an entertainer one should consider certain things before getting an nj wedding dj.

One of the pluses for a jockey is the cost involved. Good bands can cost a big amount of money. Secondly with a jockey, he can make sure to all your favorite songs in this important event in life. Choosing a music mixer should however not be chosen randomly if one values this event. The following are basic steps that if followed will ensure that music is well taken care of during this type of a ceremony.

In order to get a mixer for this occasion, start by seeking reference from your friends, family, nuptials receptions and even people you work with. If you do this you are likely to get a number of them in your list. Seek to interview at least three of them before settling on one. However the question remains; how do you settle on one. One can do this by asking the selected ones a few of questions to see if they fit in your schedule and preference.

You should ask the interviewee if they are familiar with the venue. Planning for a nuptials can be quite tiring and tense. Having to be playing the waiting game and last minute issuing of location directions is the last thing you want. Make sure the person being interviewed will be the one if picked, be the one doing the mixing on the day.

The mixer should be able to give you their price up front. There are situations whereby some jockeys complicate things by having some hidden charges. If there is overtime or some other hidden fees involved, this is the time you are supposed to be made aware.

The interview should not pass before you get to know their experience in this field. The type of music that they have specialized in will also play part in your decision. Important of all, note to them your favorite songs that you would like be played in this important occasion and let them try them out and you are the judge. If they do corporate functions, request for some of the videos to help you judge.

After picking on one, make sure you let them know what exactly you need from. Let them be aware of the dress code of the occasion for instance. This is no enough though; one should be able to remind the jockey that this is not their chance to market themselves and should instead focus on the job at hand.

Any nj wedding dj should also give you what they expect in order to fit your expectations. For instance you should tell them if the venue has enough space for them to lay their equipment or should they need make plans for their own. They should also be able to note if they expect to be fed as others prefer not to when working.

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