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The Proper Procedure For Sending Funeral Flowers

Obviously no one likes to attend funerals, but they are a ceremony that we will be expected to attend at least a few times throughout our life. Often we worry about the wrong and right things to do in regards to funerals and memorials, so here is a bit of advice regarding flowers.

Whether or not to give flowers is always a consideration. Generally, flowers or flowering plants are always welcomed by the grieving family. A bright spot of flowers can be a lovely tribute to the deceased and also offers a substantial way to show your sympathy. An online florist will have many different arrangements suitable for funerals and can deliver the flowers directly to the funeral home.

Choosing the ideal flowers for a funeral is not as difficult as you might think. An online florist will have photographs showcasing a variety of appropriate arrangements featuring many sizes and costs. You can choose one of these types of bouquets or wreaths or simply select a flower or plant that reminds you of the deceased. Perhaps you wish to choose a favorite flower or plant or even a favorite color.

Including a card is important, but people often are unsure of what to write down. Signing your name and including a simple phrase such as “Our thoughts are with you,” or “Deepest sympathies,” are perfectly fine. The family will be more touched by the flowers themselves than the card.

Many times you will see an obituary listing an alternative to flowers, such as asking for a donation to charity. It is very kind to make a donation, but you still can send flowers if you wish. Both gestures will be received warmly. You might opt to send flowers or a plant directly to the family’s home in such a case, thus providing them with a bit of cheer at a sad time.

Even if you do not know about the death or funeral until several days or even weeks have passed, there is no reason why you cannot express your sympathies. The family’s grief doesn’t disappear as soon as the funeral service ends, so it makes sense that receiving a thoughtful card or flowers will be very welcome even after some time has passed.

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