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The New CCNA Certification

Cisco has included some important modifications into their CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) program of study, and this has been done in order to keep up with the ongoing changes in the job market. All in all, any person who wishes to advance in their IT career should train for and take the CCNA exam, and subsequently obtain the appropriate accreditation.

The changes that have been made by Cisco brought about the removal of several topics from the old CCNA exam, and these include:

– The difficulties of shared LANS and approaches to take care of them with switches – Wireless LANs – Enabling RIP (has been replaced by OSPF) – Setting up serial encapsulation – Using Cisco SDM

The changes basically mean that you need to study more to keep pace with the exam requirements as there is also a lot which has been added to substitute the majority of what has been done away with. The brand new areas include things like setting up IPv6 routing, implementing VLANs, an introduction to basic IPv6, network address translation and port address translation. Even so, if you feel that you may become disoriented by sitting for the new CCNA exam edition, you may still sit for 640-802 CCNA, but you can only get to do so before the 30th of September 2013, the due date that has been put in place by Cisco.

When you don’t have the resources to enroll in CCNA training, you can find several ways by which you can still obtain the knowledge you require to sit for an exam and successfully achieve the certification. Obtaining the CCNA certification after Cisco training comes with some great rewards. Listed below are some of the benefits of training:

– CCNA training boosts ones understanding of technological concepts, thus it is not only beneficial to an individual who wants to enter the field, but also to a professional who has been in the IT industry. It signifies that you are up to date with the changes occurring in the market. – Obtaining the certification to demonstrate your validation is a great accomplishment by itself, and it gives you an advantage in the technology industry. – Once you obtain the certification, it places you in a excellent position to go for more of the other Cisco certifications. – You acquire more respect, from both colleges and employers. Although CCNA 1.1 still gives you a good standing, the newest version helps make your credentials much more marketable as the certification is very much respected. – The courses for the new CCNA version are actually more challenging, but as much as this is the case, when you pass the exam, you are best positioned to face the challenges in the industry.

There are also a number of additional useful resources such as eBooks, that you can access to make sure that you have in depth knowledge of the topics to be covered in the exam. Additionally, there are many forums through which you can hold discussions with peers to ensure you are best prepared to tackle the CCNA tests.

You can as well sign up to online training courses so that you will get acquainted with the subjects that are on the exam. You additionally must know how to cope with the hands-on section during the assessment, and through the various tutorials on the web you can obtain the requisite Cisco training. The exams are thorough and you have to put the knowledge you’ve acquired into practical use within a limited time.

Tests need a ton of studying and practicing, and the same case pertains to the CCNA qualification. You need to read and practice as much as possible so that you are satisfactorily prepared. Remember, completing the CCNA exam will not only open a new path in your career, but it will also help you market your proficiency a lot better than the non-certified people on the market.

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