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The Many Types Of Funeral Flower Arrangements

If you have ever been to a funeral, you probably noticed that there are many types of floral arrangements on display. These flowers not only honor the deceased, but are a way for friends, family and co-workers to share their sympathy with the grieving family. Here is a guide to the different types of funeral flower arrangements.

Casket sprays are large arrangements that are draped over the casket. Typically the family will purchase this item to adorn the casket, although it is certainly appropriate to offer to purchase this item for the family. These sprays come in a variety of colors, typically in red and white, but they certainly can be created in the favorite shades of the deceased.

If the deceased or the family has opted for cremation, then you often will see an urn surrounded by a floral arrangement. For this arrangement, you can opt for a simple white display, red and white or perhaps the favorite color of the one who has passed. Another option is to have the florist create an arrangement that brings to mind the shades of a sunset or perhaps the hues of a beautiful garden.

Another possibility is to hold a memorial that does not include a casket or an urn. This is often the case if the family desires a small, private funeral with a memorial service at a later time. In these cases, it is a nice idea to include a framed photograph of the deceased which can be incorporated into a wreath or floral display. You can also give this as a gift, even if there is a traditional funeral with an urn or casket.

Other large displays include sprays and wreaths which rest on special stands. These are often given by groups, such as the deceased co-workers or perhaps a group of people, such as members of a club or charity group to which the deceased belonged. These also can be done in white or red and white, but truly any color is appropriate. The intent is to provide sympathy and maybe a little cheer to a sad situation.

Individuals or perhaps a single family or couple will often choose a lovely floral arrangement in a vase or perhaps a basket with a live plant or flowers. No matter what type of flowers or plants you choose, your sympathy will be welcome and cherished by the grieving family.

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