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The Evolution of Apple iPhone 5

The iPhone 5 might only be about 6 months old, however iPhone latest reports currently indicate a successor is already almost here. According to Apple’s labeling tradition, the new unit should wind up being named the iPhone 5S. Last March, the unheralded appearance of the iPad mini and the iPad 4– only 8 months following that of the iPad 3– proves that Apple still possesses the ability to shock. Hence, we might well witness an iPhone 5S launch earlier than anticipated.

Nonetheless, in keeping with a trend established by iPhone 4S and iPhone 5, it is more likely that an iPhone 5S launch will happen towards the end of 2013. It is even conceivable that Apple could forgo the iPhone 5S completely, and hop straight to the iPhone 6, though this option continues to be unlikely. Relating to the operating system software, it is anticipated that this will be modified as well. In early January, some designers called The Next Web claiming that, in logs, they had witnessed a new iPhone 6.1 identifier – a device that runs iOS 7.

Earlier, previous “S” models from Apple have made use of the exact same chassis as the principal model, although with some varied tech specifications and somewhat different attributes. For instance, an enhanced camera and somewhat quicker processor are expected to form the basis of the upgrade bundle, making iPhone 5S not that much divergent from the iPhone 5. The most up to date iPhone reports suggest that Apple might merely make use of an iPhone 5S launch to enhance margins on iPhones more generally, due to the product’s declining profitability.

However, the one aspect that all the recent iPhone upgrade reports settle on is that with the release of such impressive phones like the Sony Xperia Z, the HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S4, the upcoming iPhone will should be something special. This suggests that the iPhone 5S release date might be as soon as next month, though it is more most likely that the next iPhone will appear near the end of 2013.

Interestingly, some of the latest iPhone 5 upgrade reports state that commercial manufacture of the supposed iPhone 5S has already started. In 2012, Digitimes believed that the launch date of the iPhone 5S would be forthcoming, mentioning anticipated sales targets of comparable component suppliers. In very early March, additional iPhone rumors emerged which implied a launch date for the 5S sometime in August of 2013. Last month Digitimes concurred with this, making the surprising revelation that the brand-new smartphone would appear by September.

In March, however, the International Business Times stated that manufacturing of the 5S had actually been delayed in order to catch up with developments made by competing mobile companies. This is not unforeseen given how far iPhone 5 has fallen behind its competitors– at least with regards to raw specs. Reports from December 2012 suggest that an iPhone 5S, or iPhone 6, will have a Super High Definition camera and screen display, in addition to a fingerprint reader, a feature originally meant exclusively for the reputed highly advanced iPhone 6.

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