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The copying technology for that PCB board would become the good counterattack weapon to the monopoly of Apple

Frankly speaking, why the developing country has been mocked by the worldwide big brand from the developed countries? The fundamentally reason is that they have not kept the high-end technology in their hands. As all of us know, the core technology of the items such as the chip have been all controlled by the hands of these developed countries. So the developing countries need to rely on the long-term imports. However, we have another way to solve this problem.

The copy board technology on the PCB factory would help us research the foreign merchandise and technology and then it would help us access to a full set of manufacturing in the products schematics, PCB files in the PCB manufacturing, BOM list and all the other technical detail. Then, we could clone the PCB fabrication from the substantial tech items and then accomplish the mass production process. For the domestic China PCB producer such as the RCY PCB, they could also copy board to keep abreast on the latest technology at home and abroad. It would help them avoiding duplication or detours. In a word, the innovation or the improvement of new products was based on the assimilating.

Why we choose the copy of your PCB fabrication as the way to absorb the new technology from the developed countries? Because the law has the regulation that obtaining other merchant trade secrets by illegal way will be the common act of unfair competition. China’s Supreme People’s Court has announced the interpretation of a number of issues on the hearing from the application of the law of unfair competition on the 17th. The law information has clearly defined for that initially time that the trade secrets of business secrets which are achieved by the reverse engineering of self developing could not be identified as the Anti-Unfair and illegal action. ???

The engineer on the RCY PCB, which web page is , has told us that the law of our government allows the copy for the PCB fabrication and it would be the good news to every China PCY. We are going to have more opportunities to research the foreign technology. The RCY PCB would be the professional printed circuit board PCB manufacturer in china. It is specialized within the higher high-quality and lower price PCB fabrication.

With the copy board technology, we can keep abreast on the latest technology of your global famous brand and keep up together with the trend from the times. On the other hand, using the copy technology of these rcy, the enterprise such as the Apple could no longer monopolize the Chinese market as well as copy board technology could reach the PCB board modifying or ground breaking which is based on the needs of local customers. – RCY PCB is a dedicated printed circuit board PCB factory in china,specializing in excellent minimal expense pcb fabrication which include sample to large production volume for high-density double-side and multi-layer pcb board manufacturing,rcy pcb is a famous pcb factory supplier.