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The Best Benefits Of Heat Pumps For Home Heating

Heat pumps have grown in popularity in the past few decades. While many choose this style of heating system for the higher energy efficiency, there are also convenient, practical and environmentally friendly reasons for choosing this style of HVAC system. They offer an excellent option to control the environment in the home.

As implied by the name, such systems are ideal for warming a home. The owner simply adjusts the thermostat to the required temperature and allows the system to take over from there. In addition, with the flip of a switch, the same unit offers excellent summer cooling. Homes can remain at a constant temperature during all seasons while using a minimal amount of power.

One of the biggest benefits offered through these units is the fact that they do not produce water, smoke or ashes that must be removed from the interior of a home. The occupant does not need to rush to the outside in order to gather more fuel such as firewood or pellets. When moisture is removed from the air it is drained away safely to the outside of the house.

Unlike open flame heaters or wood stoves, there are no exposed hot surfaces or flames that can endanger children and pets. Since there are no flames, the chance of carbon monoxide poisoning is eliminated. In addition, since the system does not depend on fire, it does not deplete the oxygen in a home.

The units are environmentally friendly. They do not contribute to the air pollution problem as they do not heat with flames. In addition, the filtration system from these units will help to improve interior air quality as well. It removes the particulate materials from the air including dirt, dust, pollen and mold spores. Those with respiratory problems will find breathing is easier.

As these units force air trough registers in the floors, walls or ceiling, they do not require the room that space heaters require. Home occupants do not need to arrange the room to sit around the heater as the entire room is warmed. Drafts as well as hot or cold rooms are also virtually eliminated.

Today, heat pumps provide one of the most effective ways to keep a home warm with electricity. They can produce more warmth than the energy they consume by transferring energy from outside the home to the inside. These quality systems provide as much as four kilowatts of heating energy while consuming a single kilowatt of electricity, keeping homes at a comfortable temperature without an excessive increase in bills.

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