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The Application of Office Carpet Tiles in Digital Work Environments

Carpet tiles are considered the ideal flooring solution for offices, providing longevity, affordability and design potential among many benefits. Contemporary work environments like the new BBC North development and Google’s head office have used these products to make unique, innovative and stimulating office environments.

Carpet tiles were initially intended for office and commercial environments. Their fundamental properties of resilience and functionality along with cost effectiveness, offer the warmth of carpet over hard flooring, ideal for high traffic office settings. Carpet tiles can improve air quality, absorb noise, can easily be cleaned or substituted if marked or damaged and decrease injuries from slips or falls, adding to their benefits for usage in office settings.

Therefore, Interface flor Carpet will always be put to use extensively in office environments. Modern innovations mean that they may be used as a design characteristic, with a wealth of shades and patterns now available. Imaginative use has ensued in many cutting-edge forward looking work places.

One such example is the new BBC North building at Salford Quays. This contains many flagship programmes like Blue Peter, Match of the Day and BBC Breakfast, as well as channels CBeebies, CBBC and Radio 5 live, among a great many others. The BBC occupies three buildings within the Salford Quays site. The entire site has been made for the digital age, with innovative technology, 24/7 newsrooms and radio channels, tv platforms and purpose built studios all installed. The chief objective of this completely new state-of-the-art media facility is to encourage creativity and communication, and this was a key element of the design brief from the start.

Due to advancements in technology, how we use office space has evolved, and desks are no longer the primary thing to consider. BBC North has substantial areas of flexible open plan areas with phone cubicles, pods with space for just one or a couple to work quietly, and break out spaces for team meetings or brainstorming sessions. Therefore, flooring has been vital for the design, creating specific zones and walkways, even more so as walls weren’t used to establish space. The carpet tile manufacturer Interface worked with the design team on this. And with the history of the BBC in mind, the original test card colours have been utilised, with variations in various locations to create distinctive looks and feels. By way of example neutral tones in general office areas, and warmer hues in collaborative areas.

A further example is Google’s head office. The goal in developing this office environment was to work imaginatively with staff members to produce unique and stimulating settings. The result is numerous mini environments, including sailing boats, ski gondolas, penguins, igloos, telephone booths and an aquarium water lounge. Needlessly to say getting the right flooring to go with these concepts was a challenge, one which Interface took on making use of their existing products and developing some one of a kind ones in order to fit in perfectly.

Office carpet tiles continue to be used in contemporary office spaces, providing not just practicality and outstanding value for money, but additionally excellent design potential.

Be it a modest office space or an entire premises, Interface flor Carpet can offer an outstanding flooring solution, whatever ambiance you really want to create.