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Technological Advancements And Corporate Trip Agencies

According to history, a British travel agency named Cox and Kings is the first travel agency that was established during the year 1758. During that time, this company only catered to wealthy people of the society. Today, in the UK, travel management companies are usually grouped in three, namely: multiples, miniples and the indepndent companies. The companies that cater to countrywide travels are the multiples. Those travel agencies that operate regionally are known as miniples. And those that cater to particular market are called independent companies.

A travel management company can be a private dealer or a public facility providing the public services in relation to tourism. Individuals who run this type of company often act as a third party between suppliers and consumers. The suppliers, are the airlines, hotels and package excursions to name a few are the ones offering tourism services while the customers are those who purchase such offered services.

Travel companies oftentimes secure a sole unit to manage trip arrangements. This is where the corporate travel agency comes in which usually has offices in other countries other than its main headquarters. This department can manage commercial travellers or corporate travellers only.

Usually, the staff in this department ensure strategic approaches when it comes to travel management. They ensure constant communication with the travel suppliers and clients to ensure a smooth sailing travel timetable for travellers. They also ensure the safety and trip expenditures of travellers during the travel period.

It isn’t wise to match up a corporate travel agency to a travel management company especially that both have its own distinctive qualities. The former is all about travel management whilst the latter is a subdivision of the travel company that is more hands-on to business trips. What’s common between the 2 is that both enjoy the perks of getting commissions for every reservation of flights booked. Nonetheless, a certain Internet period threatened the business of travel companies as travellers started making travel arrangements on their own. But then again, this field responded by designing websites and now they are back in the market competitive as ever.

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