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Tag: travel agents

The Growing Hospitality Industry Niche of Pet Friendliness

Planning family holidays can be a little tricky when families bring along their furry friends. However, with good planning and follow through it can be done well. Besides, going on vacation without all of our loved ones you might have that sinking feeling in your gut that” something is missing”. Traveling with pets as a member of the full family is definitely and increasing trend. That is why more and more vacation destinations are shifting policies and making facilities to make their hotels or resorts more pet-friendly. If you are not certain whether your accommodation will allow your furry buddy to stay with you, make call weeks before your planned trip. This will give you enough time to make the necessary arrangements or changes. Don’t leave your pet out in the lurch.

A Corporate Travel Agent Is A Snapshot Of Travel Agencies

Travel agencies operate as “agents” for travel associated suppliers like airlines, cruise lines, vehicle rentals, hotels, railways, sightseeing excursions, and package vacations. They work as retailers, promoting and advertising travel related products and services to these customers. Quite a lot of products and services of the travel business are typically presented together in a single transaction. It is aimed at getting the best offers at the most inexpensive prices to clients, maximizing value for their cash and providing highest convenience as well as pleasure (for leisure travels).