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Student 101: California State University Northridge

If you see an intense looking guy donning a matador hat on its head, then you’ve reach California State University, Northridge. With flocks of students everywhere running around and congratulating everyone, I am pretty sure another one of our teams took a big win.

California State University is diverse and established with regards to its programs. They feature a ton of courses and majors that enables them to accommodate thousands of students yearly. Their list varies from education to several styles of sciences which include health, social, human and interdisciplinary sciences. It really is especially best for those that would like to get straight into arts because they own high-tech cinematic devices for you to use. Their business program is also well-known across the state as the best in the west. They generate well-minded and more than functional alumnus that are set to deal with their future head on.

For many who are worried about their financial situation, the university is all smiles with regards to assisting you in that part. You have many options and sources to receive federal funding and scholarship grants. Simply do your time in filling up those application forms and sustaining a decent GPA. A few of the programs and professors may require so much from you, but looking back, I came to the realization those are the professors that I thank the most. Those who pushed you further than you could ever envision and who taken you away from your rut. They are the primary reason why I was completely capable to deal with bosses and also all sorts of customers once I began my career outside the university.

Aside from that, make sure you get into all the campus happenings there. Be involved in sports or in the Greek society. Yes, it’s a good place to build up your contacts and network. With their deaf community being prominent and active, you could also see deaf events. It is really eye-opening and inspiring for anyone to learn about what they are doing and their own personal struggles and triumphs. Every week, you are treated with mini concerts from current artists such as LMFAO, Kanye West and Lupe Fiasco as well as other outings and game nights.

Most of all, the top thing that I loved here the most are the lecture series. It is always good for anyone to get a firsthand account of different fields of study and careers along with learning the ways of the industry. It definitely helped me decide on what profession suits me the most and not to mention, getting the opportunity to brag about meeting prominent figures such as Maya Angelou and Cornell West.

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