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Strong words for use in a Resume

A resume is an important document when you are making an attempt to advance or change your career. The way in which you format your resume and the wording you use matters. Think of it this way: if you were taking a look at 100 scraps of paper searching for the right worker what would set a few of those apart? Using cliche’s or passive language softens the impact of your resume and may put you at the base of the pile.

According to writing specialists there are some words you can include in your resume to make an impact. At the head of the list is ‘advanced ‘ (as in advanced degree). Synonyms include ‘breakthrough ‘ (ideas or models), progressive and cutting edge. Potential employers like invention and an individual invested in the future growth of their industry.

If you are in a sales-oriented field use words like ‘attracted ‘ (consumers), fortified or closed (sales), value-added (experience or product) and budgeted/bargained. Sales is not simply about how much you bring into the company, but also being conscious of bottom-line costs, and remaining attuned to how those impact a firm.

Financially orientated career resumes benefit from words like ‘demonstrated ‘ (results), surpassed (goals), successfully predicted (markets or trends), subsidized and created. When you are handling other folk's money or that of a company – all of those feats matter. They represent the kind of worker who gets results.

What about customer service? Look to words like ‘collaborated ‘ (for more satisfactory results), boosted or improved (the customer’s experience), satisfied or surpassed (purchaser expectancies), led (with excellent advice), implemented or began (a successful plan), and recommended (specific actions). There are definitely many levels to consumer service depending on the field, but again this is about tailoring your resume so it truly sings.

An academic resume ought to include words like increased (student grades or attendance), pioneered (new teaching plans), mentored (explicit successful or well-known students), promoted (student work or accomplishments), supported (wrestling students), tutored and trained. As with other examples in this piece you need to appraise your power words with specific , but passing examples.

If you happen to feel uncertain about the right way to assemble your resume for landing interviews, you mostly have the choice of getting a resume advisor or professional resume writer. These are trained people whose job it is to guide you through the method of fitting your resume for your career targets.

Pat Cann is the owner of, a corporation that offers info about boosting your resume ‘ with a background check.