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Spoil Your Child with an Ultimate Pampering Birthday Party in Gold Coast

A child’s birthday is a great occasion for pampering, and booking a party through a mobile spa that is child-friendly will ensure an experience that every guest will love to remember. Spas such as Inertia Massage offer mobile service for booking a birthday party in Gold Coast, with plenty of services available for every girl to enjoy fully, especially within the ultimate Spoilt for a Day package.

The ultimate party package offers parties for six guests or more, with two therapists on hand to make sure that all girls are pampered and receive the same amount of attention for a happy party. Having two therapists instead of one ensures that there are better resources and time available to keep everyone entertained.

As a souvenir of the special day, every guest gets to keep her own jewellery kit for making lovely keepsake bead bracelets, anklets and necklaces. Girls also get to keep their own nail polish and nail file or a princess tiara with lip-gloss.

The birthday guest keeps her own fabulous boa and a fancy tiara as favours, as well as a surprise party gift. The entire party gets to play Singstar Karaoke, since no birthday party is complete without having some games and entertainment.

The pampering party includes both a mini manicure and a mini pedicure. The manicure includes nail filing, buffing and polish application with a choice of light pastels, bold brights or gorgeous glitters. The pedicure includes all the same and a bubbly foot spa for maximum luxury. Girls get to choose their own cute nail decals for their fingers and toes.

Girls also can enjoy a professional facial treatment with a real beauty table, where they relax with a sweet-smelling facial mask in organic scents such as smoothie, raspberry and chocolate. A steamed towel removes the mask gently afterward, and an organic moisturizer replenishes natural softness, followed up by a hand massage.

Finally, girls get to wear their own glamorous shimmer and sparkle makeup in pinks and purples, with eye shadow, blush and lip-gloss, as well as lovely glitter hairspray. Girls can select their own favourite hues and make sure that their look is one that expresses their own selves fully.

After enjoying a day of pampering and princess treatment, each girl will leave the party excited for their next spa experience to enjoy some more pampering. The ultimate party package provides a great party experience that every girl will remember as casual, fun and enjoyable.

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