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Sound advice for Dubai Travel and Holidays

Should you have planned your Dubai visit for the first time, you must need to know a little more about Dubai’s culture, norms and a day-to-day life generally. Stick to the tips given below and enrich your holidays in Dubai with unforgettable moments.
Remember, Dubai’s temperature is warm almost throughout the year. You don’t need to handle or wear sweaters even during winter season in Dubai but possess a jacket along is recommended should you visit air-conditioned hotels or malls.
Dirham (AED) could be the UAE currency and exchanging currency with money changers is less expensive than changing at banks or hotels.
Driving around and explore the town by choosing a taxi is a good option as the Emirates are connected by freeways with Four to six lanes so that it is all to easy to happen to be nearby cities. Deira taxi stand is one of popular taxi stand in Dubai as well as the taxi fares provide meter. The clean, air-conditioned and considerably cheap buses travel at hourly or half-hourly basis and also the bus fares are fixed.

When you are to roam across the city, keep in mind that Dubai is Islamic city and strictly follows all Islamic rules. So, don’t select the photographs of Muslim women as it is often considered as extremely rude in Muslim religion and culture. In case you are caught taking pictures of military sites or creating maps of a typical with the places, without permission of Dubai authorities, it’s likely you’ll get arrested. Also, when you find yourself out for supper or dinner, it is possible to consume alcohol only in clubs, bars and hotels in Dubai. Restaurants situated beyond the hotels don’t offer alcoholic drinks. Pack some diarrhea medicine as stomachs do more and more difficult time than shown to conform to Middle Eastern food and water. Though tap-water in Dubai remains safe and secure to drink, carry larger amounts of water in bottles as tap-water tastes quite different.
Lone women travelers feel safe and, sometimes don’t face harassments, provided they are dressed appropriately based on Arabic standards. In other words, since the body from neck to your feet is for girls traveler however beach-wear is ok in hotel areas and hotel- beaches.

The workweek in Dubai begins on Saturday and ends on Thursday; Friday is surely an official weekly off. And hence, places, restaurants and hotels become more crowded especially on Thursdays and Fridays. All major credit cards are taken in the malls and hotels. You are able to bargain for prices which is a usual practice in UAE. This is not possible only in shopping centers nevertheless, you may uncover the cost can be a fixed price and then look for a final price.

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