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Some Important Tips About Whitening Teeth

Most of the people who have discolored tooth have opted for this process of whitening teeth. Apart from being effective, this process can also change your smile drastically and also improve your esteem. For you to have whiter and brighter smiles you have no option but go for it.

There are some factors which may make your tooth to get discolored. These usually include a person eating habits like taking foods which contain a lot of sugar. Such foods will make your tooth to be discolored. Some beverages which may also cause this problem are taking excessive amounts of tea, coffee, and red wine. There are also some drugs which may bring about this problem. This is when you take the drugs which contain tetracycline.

It is important that before you make any step of using any kind of product, your dentist should know. This is because the condition of your gums and tooth should be checked. Your gums may be weak which may make them not be able to withstand the strength of that whitening product. That is why your oral health should be checked first.

Some dentists will first inspect the gums and the condition of your gums before they tell you which whitening product you can use. After that the dentist will ask you about your eating or drinking habits. From this he will be able to tell you the main cause of the problem.

Another method which could also be used on you is by using the gels and trays. These products are normally said to be more effective. The results can only be seen later not seen immediate as that of in office. These trays are worn by the patient in the mouth overnight or during daytime. For the results to be seen it will take three or more days. These trays and gels are available in two types. Some of them are bought over the counter while some are bought from the dentists. When you use them you can note the difference.

These are colorless products which are to be worn in the mouth. You can choose to have them on the teeth during daytime or at night. This should continue for a period of three to seven days. The most effective ones are those which have been bought from the dentists and not shops.

These kits which are to be used at home are sold at very affordable prices. Applying them on the tooth is also very easy. These kits are preferred because you can use them and still attend to some other duties without going to queue in the hospitals.

Another method you could opt for is to use whitening teeth strips. They are available at most drug stores. Most of them are sold at affordable prices. Their results are not as perfect as the results given by some other offices.

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