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Some Effective Ways to Treat Stress Headaches

If you are afflicted with stress headaches, you are familiar with the problems in your daily life that they can cause. Stress is bad enough on it’s own, but add the pain of a stress headache to the mix and it becomes hard to function.

Using a hot and cold treatment for your stress headache is one of the best things you can do. Just as both hot and cold can be helpful for reducing pain due to injuries, the same is true for headaches. The pain of a stress headache is actually manageable when you place a hot compress on your forehead for a little while. Instead of just applying the hot compress to your forehead, also put one on the back of your neck to relieve the built-up tension there. Many people that have hot tubs, and have stress headaches, will simply sit in the tub for several minutes until the pain subsides. Headaches can also be helped if you use a cold compress. Relief from the pain of the headache can come by applying a cold compress to your forehead and neck. All you have to do is try either one of these, or both, and see what works for you.

Taking aspirin or another over-the-counter painkiller is probably the most common way people treat stress headaches. This works to relieve the pain, of course. Just be careful that you don’t develop a dependency on pain killers. It’s time to visit your health care provider if you still get headaches and the over-the-counter painkillers don’t give you relief. He or she may give you a prescription for a stronger medication.

You should not, however, consider any type of medication as a long term solution for stress headaches. The real key to solving this problem is to identify and deal with the source of the stress. Counseling may be beneficial, or other types of therapy. Sometimes it’s good to be able to discuss your situation with someone else.

The points we’ve discussed in this article can help you understand some of the causes and remedies for stress headaches. There are many reasons why people get this type of headache, and the first step is to identify the cause. Visiting your doctor is a good idea if your headaches are frequent or very severe. In many cases, however, making some changes to your habits and lifestyle can alleviate stress headaches.

Stress relief comes in many forms and when you find one that works for you, you can eliminate your stress headaches. We’ve given you the methods that we have found to be most effective, but you can do a little research and find many more to choose from. Keep in mind that it might be necessary to make an appointment with your health care practitioner to figure out the cause of your stress and resultant headaches. However, in the majority of cases, stress headaches can be dealt with using simple and natural measures.

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