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San Jose State University – Best Multi-Cultural University

Want to experience the very best of the California weather? Or sit in a class where you know all the people there and they all know you? How about doing outdoor activities during in between classes? If your answer to any of these questions is yes, then you’ll love San Jose State University.

They have a bunch of great undergraduate and post graduate programs to you could choose from. From Foreign language arts to natural science courses, they surely have it all. They are also known for their success in producing successful engineers, medical professionals and business people in the state. Some of them you might even meet as your professors. What’s more is that most of the discussions and lectures in class are not only theoretical but it also tackles the practical side of things. For example, accounting 101 has totally revamped my way of dealing with my expenses. I learned how to spend, and most importantly, save the right amount of money.

Additional credit programs are also offered to any student enrolled in the university. You could sign up for the teacher certification program or even get the opportunity to travel out of the country and research diverse ethnicities all over the world. In addition to usual scholarships and other work-study programs, they feature leadership training through ROTC that can also make it easier to handle your bills in the university.

Inside the campus of San Jose State University, there’s a good deal of things you can do if you want to have fun with your friends. There’s the Student Union is where most of the students hang out. There’s Subway, Jamba Juice, arcades and bowling alleys there. Greek Week, Underwear Run, and underwater hockey as some of the most bizarre and exciting things that make this university exceptional. Not to mention their library, which has 8 massive floors! Imagine all the books you could read!

Beyond the campus grounds, San Jose is a huge city that has great sights and destinations for everyone. If you are from this place, you’ll know that how easy it is to live there, and more particularly, study there. If not, the myriad of fun things to do there will surely keep you busy althroughout the year. Go bowling at the Sharks, immerse yourself with the latest films, take a trip to the Museum of Art, try different cuisines or go to the concert. And what’s better is, students get the Eco pass that allows you to ride the bus for free!

San Jose State University is definitely one of the most note-worthy CSU branches there is, if not in the whole country. I mean, it even has its own Quidditch Club. What more can you ask for?

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