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San Clemente, CA Orange County Dentist Provides Tooth Extraction Services And Care

While permanent teeth are meant to last, it often sustains damage as a result of decay, trauma or may cause overcrowding requiring extraction. The Orange County dentist will conduct a dental examination to determine whether the affected teeth can or cannot be repaired. If necessary, the professional will advise on removal procedure for a healthy smile and oral function.

Reasons for extraction procedures include trauma and extensive decay. When patients require orthodontic applications, insufficient space may call for the removal of the wisdom teeth. Overcrowding and the inability for a tooth to push through the gum line can cause misalignment and needs to be addressed.

Infection that has developed and spread to the pulp where nerves and blood vessels are present, may not respond to antibiotics. In such instances, the tooth cannot be salvaged and removal is necessary. With periodontal disease, the bone and tissue becomes weak and cannot support the oral structure requiring extraction.

Before the procedure is performed, the dental surgeon will provide local anesthetic to numb the target area. A routine extraction involves a visible tooth where it can be easily removed with forceps. Surgical extractions are more complicated as the professional needs to cut into the gum to remove affected teeth.

The completion of the procedure requires that one adhere to set criteria for optimal care. When it comes to using prescription medication and cold compresses, it can reduce the swelling and the pain. Patients are requested to wait a few hours after surgery for clot formation before rinsing with a saltwater solution.

An oral examination will assist in the identification of any damage or trauma and whether removal is the best option. The orange County dentist will recommend extraction where other methods have failed including the necessary after care. When the right dental services are sought, the best outcomes are achieved.

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