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Refinishing Your Deck Prolongs its Life

Homeowners invest thousands of dollars on having decks installed. Deck additions enhance the beauty of homes. Decks are a great place to host a get-together or BBQ. A deck requires an investment beyond having it installed. Some of the most beautiful weather in the country is experienced in Colorado. Water damage is harmful to wood decks. Denver deck refinishing is a wise investment.

Homeowners can invest in refinishing services to restore their decks beauty and life. Refinishing a deck is hard work and homeowners should hire professionals. Sun damage, splintering, greying are signs that your deck is need of repair. A professional opinion is a good idea. If your deck looks rough and splintered it is damaged.

Evaluate the condition of the deck before you start refinishing. Damaged wood needs to be replaced. Decks with cracks and splinters may need to be pulled up and replaced. Colorado snow will leave dirt residue. Power washing decks ensure the wood has been cleaned thoroughly. Only professionals should use a power washer.

Someone who doesn’t know how to use a power washer can cause damage. The wood should be stripped of stain. Allow the wood time to dry. Wet wood should not be stained. The process is long but profitable. Finish the project once the wood is dry.

Sanding removes anything loosened by the power washing. Power washing can’t remove everything so light sanding is required. Ask if grit will be applied to your stain. Grit will help your deck from becoming slippery. Repairs should be made after sanding. Loose nails should be replaced with screws. Before applying stain use a shop-vac to blow off the debris from sanding and repairs. Find out how many coats of stain will be applied. Two coats are preferable to one. Sealer can be applied on top of the stain to hold in color and lengthen the life of the wood.

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