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Reduce Waste During Your Relocation

Millions of people move each year by using movers, and in addition to that, countless pounds of waste are put into the landfills. With that in mind, it can make plenty of sense to accomplish all you can to keep the quantity of waste you generate in your relocation to a bare minimum.

Did you know that based on a research conducted in 1997 by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency showed the every person generated about 1,580 pounds of waste each year? For starters, 602 pounds of this is some sort of paper product, and yet another 149 pounds were from plastics, 82 pounds from wood, and 58 pounds from textiles.

Activities revolving around composting and recycling have avoided about 64 million tons of waste from making its way into incinerators and dumps. That’s a lot, but there is something we can do to reduce that amount even further.

If you’re planning a move, here is how you can do your behalf in keeping our planet clean and green.

– As you see new neighbors transferring, take them a welcome gift and ask if you’re able to have the moving boxes they used. If not, start accumulating boxes from local business owners. Many vendors will save the boxes products were delivered to them in, however, you will need to ask.

– In case you are not able to recycle somebody else’s boxes, try to find those that have the largest recycled prepared to buy.

– Use duffel bags and suitcases to bring along your clothing, linens and whatever else you can get into them to save on boxes.

– Once you have carried out with your boxes, either give them to a person else who’s moving or make certain they get recycled differently.

– Bed linens and old magazines are actually excellent packing materials for fragile stuff like china.

– Before relocating, take time to properly dispose of hazardous materials. Your waste company or local government will allow you to find the correct locations to drop these off. Stuff you shouldn’t take with you are paints, household cleaners and automotive supplies.

– To Light the load you can have garage sale. You can sell old clothes that you are no longer wearing, toys the kids have grown out of and all sorts of other items.

– Donate whatever you have left to charity.

When you’re settled in your new house, you should see whether there is a community recycling program and begin participating if there is. According to the EPA, you can do a lot of things to lessen the amount of waste. For one, you could purchase items that will be in recyclable containers along with the ones that are repairable. You may also support recycling efforts by using those products that are made from recycled material. Moreover, you need to be getting moving quotes from companies that take part in recycling.

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