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Receiving A Genuine Tarot Reading

Tarot reading has been an increasingly popular activity for many years. An astounding amount of people visit tarot readers for entertainment, to make life decisions or to gather a glimpse of what their future might hold. The key to obtaining an accurate reading lies in how skilled the reader is at reading the cards.

Movies have convinced us that we need to visit a gray haired lady wearing gypsy garb if we want the real experience, but that could not be further from the truth. The theatrical image of fortune tellers may give you the visual experience you are seeking, but the biggest portion of actual readers wear the same types of clothing that everyone else does. There probably won’t be a shiny crystal ball sitting on a small table cloth covered table inside a tent, but you might find yourself sitting at a kitchen table inside their home. In fact, many of them do work right from their own homes.

The use of tarot cards can be traced back to the early 18th century and has taken on many forms since that time. The main purpose has always remained the same though. These special cards are used in a way that can help a person make sense of all the things that have happened in their life. It can help reveal a connection between each of these events and provide information for predictions about the person’s future.

The variety of tarot card decks is numerous. Makers use different variations of pictures and even different colors to make decks unique. Regardless of this, however, each card holds the same meaning in every single deck. If a reader tries to tell you this is not the case, they are likely not able to provide you with a genuine experience.

When cards are being placed on a table for a reading, there are many different patterns that can be used. This is largely dependent upon what kind of information is being sought after. While questions about love may require the use of one particular pattern, questions about money might require the use of a different pattern. The depth of the answer needed can also dictate the pattern that will be used.

For instances where a person is seeking a quick answer to a basic question, a three card spread should be used. These three cards are chosen by the person seeking the answer. The three cards represent the person’s past, present and future. This type of spread is suitable for many different questions. It can be done in only a few minutes and requires the least amount of cards.

For a more detailed reading, the horseshoe spread should be used. This type of pattern requires the use of 21 cards which are arranged in groups of three. Each group of three represents a different part of the person’s life. These include the past, the present, the future, things that might be unexpected, those around you, obstacles you might encounter and the outcome of it all.

One of the more detailed methods uses only 10 cards, but can allow very detailed insight to be obtained. This method is commonly referred to as the Celtic Cross because of the cross style pattern in which the cards are placed. The first two cards provide insight about the person’s present life and obstacles they might soon encounter. The next two cards focus a little bit more on the person’s future as a whole. Card number five reveals key information about the person’s past while card number six looks into the future again, only further ahead this time. The next card, number seven, gives valuable insight pertaining the person’s current mental state. Card number eight will look at the people surround the person and how they might influence them, good or bad. Nine is a focus on the person’s hopes for the future as well as any fear that might stand in their way. Last, the tenth card provides information about the outcome of specific life events or choices.

The above are only a small number of the different methods that can be used during a tarot reading. Every tarot reader will have their own preferred arrangements they like to use, depending on the information being sought after. Some spreads work better for one reader than they do another.

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