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Reasons Why To Download Hijackthis

Since technology is a vital part of today’s society, what would happen if our computers crashed and we could no longer use them to get to our personal things inside that we use on a daily basis. This sort of thing could become an instant reality if spyware and malware continuously invades our systems. Perhaps everyone should download hijackthis to protect themselves from the horrors of both spyware and malware.

With a deceiving name, hijackthis is a program that can be used to spot home page hijackers startup programs at quick pace, that you do not want to start automatically. Using this program you will have control over things like this. You will be able to prevent them with just the click of a button.

Hijackthis or better known as HJT was created originally created by a man by the name of Merijn Bellekom. Trend Micro now owns the rights to the program. The last version of the tool that was established was 2.04 and was supposedly the final update to ever be produced. Rumor has it that there could be a brand new update coming soon.

Hijackthis is meant to be used to weed out methods used to hijack browsers. Rather than relying on a compilation of well known spyware programs, it actually does a quick scan of the system as a whole and shows you where the compromised locations are. It will let you know entry by entry.

The biggest concern you will face with this program is the risk of removing something you may need in Windows. Hijackthis is not for removing malware or spyware. It is there to show you where risks to your system lurk.

It may pop-up wanting to know if you would like to remove certain features that came with the original programming of the Windows system. If these features are removed then the computer will no longer function in its original manner.

If you do move forward and download hijackthis, it may be in your best interest to take some time before hand and learn a little more about Windows and its inner-workings. Best way is to open up the control panel and find your programs list and read it. Become familiar with the dates that those programs were added to your computer. That just might save you one day.

These warnings can be a little dis-heartening but, do not let them be. This specific program has good things too. It can find problems at a high rate of speed. It doesn’t eat very much memory and is a very optimal tool.

The best aspect of this PC security system is that it is free. When it was taken over by Trend Micro they decided to make it an open source meaning that everyone could have it on their computers if they wanted it free of charge and it is perfectly legal.

Though it has its quirks, it is an amazing tool to have in your arsenal of spyware protection. It has been protecting peoples computers since it was created in 2003. If you have a lot of trouble with spyware and malware as many people do, go download hijackthis and give it try. You will be glad you did.

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