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Reasons Houses Need Houston Foundation Repair

Due to its important function of providing the support for a house, Houston foundation repair should never be ignored by homeowners. These repairs, when done correctly, prevent small problems from growing larger and costing more to fix. Although progression of the damage is often slow, the homeowner will want to ensure they are fixed correctly the first time.

Narrow cracks that are primarily vertical in nature can be fixed by the homeowner himself. Such problems form as the concrete cures and shrinks. Unless water is seeping through or the owner is concerned about cosmetic effects, they can be left alone. Epoxy putty or paintable caulk can fill these gaps that normally do not grow any worse.

Horizontal cracks and vertical ones that are wider than 1/4 inch may indicate more serious problems. Some companies offer to plug these cracks by injecting epoxy, but it only stops water from flowing through the holes. It does nothing to level the home again or stop the forces responsible for the crack. Make sure you know the services being rendered with injectable epoxy. Most homeowners can do just as much good with epoxy putty themselves.

When problems are more severe and cause the perimeter to bow or tip or cracks are severe, the contractor can provide the necessary repairs to prevent the condition from worsening. Wood and steel braces installed against the wall and attached to the floor and joists can stop further movement but are unsightly in a basement. A new product is available using a carbon mesh fiber embedded in epoxy to create a fix that is almost invisible. If the case becomes too severe, it may be necessary to remove the supporting structure and replace it, a job costing thousands of dollars.

Texas has expansive soils that can cause cracks and other problems. Slab foundations are often the most effected. Reducing the water fluctuations in soils can help to prevent this problem from occurring. Be sure gutter water is directed away from the home and any water holding landscaping is replaced. A concrete walk around the home may prevent problems caused by rainwater.

Sometimes, it is the middle of the room that sinks. Many contractors offer mud-jacking. This process involves pumping a slurry of concrete under the slab using pressure. Concrete is pumped until the floor is level once again. The process will not raise load bearing walls. They require another process called underpinning.

Underpinning involves driving steel piers deep into the soil around the house. These pins are placed every six to eight feet. Precast concrete piers may also be useful. Such piers are sold in one foot sections that are stacked until they provide a solid support column.

In many cases, the need for Houston foundation repair will affect more than just one home in a neighborhood. It is likely that neighbors have suffered similar problems. Ask around for the type solution that was used on their home as well as the contractor who did the work. This word of mouth recommendation is the best way to ensure you find a company with the experience to prevent future problems.

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