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Raleigh Herniated Disc Relief With Chiropractic Care

An injury to the spine may lead to the development of a painful condition referred to as “herniated disc” which often restricts movement considerably. This disorder can also occur due to the aging process and degenerative disc disease. Most doctors recommend surgery for alleviating this condition, but a Raleigh chiropractor can offer patients a safer and more natural approach through manual chiropractic therapy.

A chiropractic doctor does not perform surgery or prescribe drugs to his or her patients. Instead, these holistic health care providers focus on using manual therapy methods to heal pain at its source. The belief that the body possesses an innate ability to heal itself with proper encouragement is central to this discipline.

A proper evaluation of the patient’s condition is necessary in order for the practitioner to know for certain if a herniated disc is responsible for the pain. An examination will be performed, the medical history will be taken, and diagnostic tests such as x-ray, MRI or CT scan will be ordered if indicated. The outcome of all these findings will be used to determine the most suitable approach to therapy for the patient.

Spinal adjustments are the staple therapeutic technique used by chiropractors. These firm, quick movements applied to the spine can be effective in correcting herniated disc and relieving the pain it causes from nerve compression. The force helps to guide the misplaced disc back into place.

Another approach the practitioner may take is to use traction to help heal a damaged disc. A specially made traction table is used, which exerts a force on the patient’s spine as he or she lies on it. This force causes the vertebrae to gently pull apart and form a vacuum, which has the effect of pulling the disc back into place.

Once patients have attended several therapy sessions with a Raleigh chiropractor, they should begin to notice a quick if not instant improvement in how they feel. It will be easier to move without discomfort, and the pain will disappear entirely or be greatly reduced.

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