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Quartz Countertops Are The Hot Trend In Kitchen Design

The sleek look of new quartz countertops are one of the best reasons to update a kitchen. Formica tops were once popular but are now are outdated in comparison. Thankfully a new option has arrived that is both affordable and durable. This new style shows the best of the natural and manufactured countertops.

Since slabs can now be manufactured, practically any color is available for purchase. The quality of the material does not diminish based on color or style chosen. Natural colors are inherently lovely and fit into any design. However, if the client desires a bold splash of color they can have exactly what they want.

These strong and durable counters are earning rave reviews. As strong as stone, they are hard to damage with heavy use. They are also water-safe and easily cleaned and sanitized in a cooking environment. These factors make the choice easy for families who are updating their kitchen on a budget, as they do not have to sacrifice style for quality, or durability for beauty.

These new tops require special consideration of the supporting structure. Be sure to check that the counters can support the added weight, as these tops are heavier than laminate. Making sure the floor can hold up the weight is important as well. Particularly if the original structure was designed for the much lighter load of a formica top, reinforcements may be required or a substitution of the cabinets may need to take place.

Some clients will be dismayed that they cannot install these counters on their own without help. Hobbyists who are used to learning by doing will need the assistance of professional installation experts. This will make the process take longer but ensures safe installation. Homeowners should include the extra time and activity in their plans, as these projects can take more time than an older-style laminate installation would.

For homeowners with an eye for trendy design, quartz countertops are the best affordable option. Designers can work within a budget to source a wide array of colors to suit their client’s needs without worrying about reduced quality or longevity. In comparison to similarly-priced manufactured options, quartz will prove to have the longest life and the most satisfying appearance overall.

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