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Prevent Dangers Caused By Smoke With Help Of A Chimney Sweep San Diego Company

Regular clean up of your flue is important to ensure that it emits smoke smoothly without trapping dangerous gases inside. When wood burns, it releases smoke, soot, and creosote, a chemical substance that is highly flammable. You can prevent the risks posed by these substances by contacting a Chimney Sweep San Diego company to inspect and clean the smoke emission chamber.

It is recommended to have your damper, flue and smoke chamber cleaned at least once in every year. However, this rule may not apply because the rate at which soot and other dangerous substances accumulate on the vent will differ from one home to another. The notable differences in accumulation of soot and creosote occur due to a number of reasons.

Accumulation of soot and tar released from burning wood and stoves can block the smooth flow of gases and smoke through the vent. This means that some smoke will find its way back to the house. This can be dangerous for your family considering that smoke consist of carbon monoxide that can poison your family.

When you burn wood or other types of fuel like coal, a tar is released in form of gas or favor. This favor moves with the smoke and when it reaches the upper area of the flue, it condenses and solidifies on walls. With time, it dries and forms shiny coating that resembles the road-tar coat.

If your smoke emission vent is not cleaned for a long time, the buildup of creosote increases significantly and it can reach high levels that could trigger fire. Because this substance is highly flammable, sparks released from burning wood may speed up through the vent and reach high areas where it comes in contact with the flammable creosote. The flue sweep company uses specialized equipments to remove soot and other substances that have deposited on walls of your vent.

Similarly, if the size of the damper, flue, and smoke chamber is not in the correct dimensions, this could cause retention of smoke and gases inside the vent for long. If the height of the flue is not in the correct dimensions, this may also lead to deposit of soot and creosote on the chamber walls. When the chimney structure is defective, it may cause leakages that can increase moisture content on the vents.

If you discover that the soot on the vents has accumulated to about one-quarter of an inch, then you should refrain from using your chimney. Such deposits indicate dangerous levels of soot and creosote and could easily spark fire. One of the signs that your chambers are not working properly is when you notice smoke coming out from the vent back to your house.

In addition, you need to close the damper when your smoke emission system is not in use. Through the Chimney Sweep San Diego company, you ensure that the system is inspected and any defects are identified. You may call a plumber or contractor who is experienced in constructing chimneys to make repairs or extend the flue height and any other areas that need to be repaired. This will ensure that the flue removes smoke smoothly and less creosote deposits on walls.

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