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Plan A Spectacular Corporate Party

Corporate parties don’t have to be dull and drab. With a little creativity and some blinking, LED products, your next company event can be something co-workers will look forward to attending.

The first step is to come up with a theme for the event. If you are planning a company awards ceremony, consider an Academy Awards theme. For a retirement dinner, plan a party around the favorite activity of the retiree, such as a golf or camping theme. For general corporate events, you can plan around the season. You can go super casual with a Super Bowl theme or wild and crazy with a Mardi Gras theme. Summer is the perfect time for a barbecue or luau event.

Plan the evening’s cuisine around the theme. If you are hosting a Halloween event, for example, serve dips in hollowed out pumpkins and place dry ice and LED light-up ice cubes in the bottom of a punch bowl for a spooky effect. Create a Disco night with fondue pots at each table and drinks from the era. For a Mardi Gras event, dream up a Creole or Cajun feast.

Not only should the theme be fun, the decor should be exciting as well. Consider livening up the event with LED light-up glasses, which are available in many colors and in every possible style, from regular cola glasses to martini, margarita, wine and champagne glasses and even pilsners. Even if you are opting for a no-alcohol event, these glasses add some extra zing.

There are plenty of other LED bar items to consider, from light-up straws to cocktail stir sticks. LED ice buckets are available in several colors, as are LED trays for serving drinks or appetizers. Light-up coasters can be customized with your logo and placed on all the tables.

Another idea is to pass out LED novelties to the guests and there are tons available. Light up flower leis are perfect for a luau. Flashing LED bracelets or necklaces can be passed out at a Mardi Gras event. For a Cinco de Mayo fiesta, pass out light-up necklaces with blinking chili pepper pendants.

There are hundreds of blinking LED pins available, as well, in hundreds of themes. There are pins for every holiday, as well as sports, Western, casino and patriotic, just to name a few. You also can pass out LED toys as favors, such as tops or yo-yos for a little whimsical fun.

Planning a fun company party is great way to show co-workers or employees that they are valued. A great party can be a great way to boost morale and increase enthusiasm in the workplace.

Katelynn Mochizuki enjoys writing and planning events. For further information about light up products like light up ties, or to learn more other products like light up trays, please go to the LightGod website today.