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Phine Records a Nigerian owned UK based imprint unveils Emotan

Phine records is able to take its rightful place to be a leading international record label, desire to is always to placed their artistes on the Peak of international stardom.
Music really should be about real talent in addition to about who has the best PR, and Phine records prides themselves in making certain that their stars include the real thing.
Emotan the 1st act off of the imprint may be using the label since its inception, born in Nigeria, but a UK citizen and resident, has lived in the UK ever since the early 90s.
Her early life was spent in some of the best boarding schools in the united kingdom, where her talent was encouraged.
A mother, and self thought singer finds music in the soul.
A totally exceptional song writer, writes her songs effortlessly as her gift is equally as natural to her as her breathing.
Her music is pure, heartfelt, spiritual, sensual, eccentric and down to earth practical.
Emotan’s dream will be to tell it how she saw and felt it, spread golden star dust of love.
She gets a distinctive style based poetry and spoken words, she blends her sultry, soft, seductive voice on Funky house beats, Jazzy tunes, R&B and about anything she chooses to build her own style, engaging her listeners in stories of affection, fiction and folk tales, and may alter in a fast her persona in equally engaging rock tunes yet still captivates her audiences without watching out of place. She’s still African to the core as she show cases this in her name, looks, outfits, videos and dance steps.
Lastly she simply desires to sing and look for her audience, the free spirits, the straightforward, or perhaps you!

Here’s Emotan’s official single/video Alien Police
Alien, Police, Dance, Radio, Hit, Emotan
Phine Records
Julia Andrews
This can be a video link

For more information about Dance music Alien video please visit the website.