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People Often Ask Why Was Scotch Slate Used To Slate Roofs In Glasgow So Much

There is significant historical evidence to answer the question why was Scotch slate used to slate roofs in Glasgow? Scottish quarries have been mining large quantities of roofing slates for hundreds of years. However, most of those tiles were used for local roofs and very little was exported.

Slating has a long and interesting history. For over five hundred years this strong and versatile stone has been quarried in many areas of Scotland. The geology of the region lends itself perfectly to this, with a belt of almost continuous deposits running across the country. The variety of localized geographical conditions has led to some very distinctive products, that experts can actually connect to a certain quarry.

The industrial revolution was a turning point in the history of the British Isles. Glasgow was one of the towns that developed as a direct result of the new mass manufacturing. In the following years many new homes had to be build for both the workers and the emerging middle class who. Many of this study and functional homes still remain today and are much sought after for their unique architectural style and charm.

A good quality tile roof that has been properly installed can last up to 150 years. Each roof is unique and many of them are really quite beautiful. The roofs were made in a style that now defines the Scottish look. Steep roofs of around forty degrees were common. Not only did this help to keep out the driving rain and snow, but it also added more space in the attic.

A very distinct local style quickly developed. The thicker slates were secured at the bottom of the roof and the thinner ones were placed further up. This provided the best rain and snow proofing in the harsh Scottish winters. It also created a very unique style that is still admired today. The Scottish home or cottage is a very strong and functional building, yet it also has a wonderful charm.

Local builders were able to utilize the random slates by placing the biggest ones at the bottom of the roof and the smaller ones closer to the top. This helped to maintain the integrity of the roof and also keep out the driving rain. Functionality has also lead to a wonderfully unique look to these graceful old houses.

The Scots propensity for good sense and economy is really the answer to why was Scotch slate used to slate roofs in Glasgow. The material was available locally and in plentiful supply. It was not of a quality that would be worth exporting, but was still the perfect material from which to construct solid and long lasting roofs for the many new buildings needed in the city.

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