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Organizing Your Wardrobe ” How To Fit Everything In Your Closet

Always running late because you cannot seem to find a particular garment that you like to wear? No more space for your newly purchased clothes as a result of so much clutter inside your closet? Answering ‘yes’ to these questions just means that it’s now time to regain control over your clothes and other stuff inside your closet even before they conquer your bedroom.

Start with a clean slate. Clear your closet and as you do this, sort all of your clothing items by putting them in clean boxes labeled ‘for keeping’, ‘for giving away’, and ‘for throwing’. In deciding which item to put in a particular box, stick to the most basic rule: If you haven’t used it for one year or so, ditch it.

When you clean up your closet, there’s a big chance that you’ll come across clothes and accessories that you did not even know existed. For every item that you pick, think of how long ago you last used it. If it has been over six months already, it just means that you do not want or need it anymore. As you do this, you’ll be surprised at how big a space you can regain which you can use for things that really matter to you.

Put all the remaining clothes that you would still like to use or keep back into the closet. Arrange them based on color and use hangers in a single color only to make for an orderly, streamlined look. Roll underwear and socks and neatly place them inside drawers or lidded boxes. You’ll later discover that you have a lot more room to contain new purchases or for your belongings that don’t yet have a decent place of their own.

There are times when, even after you have purged things that you no longer want to use, you see that you still don’t have sufficient space for all the essential items that you want to keep. In cases like this, Storage Space Singapore rentals are what you might just need. You can always engage the services of a self storage Singapore firm where you can safely keep items that you do not always wear like gowns, coats, thick jackets, costumes, boots, luggage, and other specialty stuff. To maximize the unit that you will lease, you may want to include things that you rarely use such as holiday decors, sports and exercise equipment, inflatable pools, or baby items.

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