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New York Public Records Search

In 1978, the Freedom of Information Act in New York was implemented statewide. This has made all of the public documents of the state open to the local residents. With this, the residents of the state can easily obtain any of the New York public records.

There are different branches of the government that issues a certain type of file. Certificates such as birth, marriage, divorce and death are issued and generated only by the county clerk office. Several law enforcing agencies of the state such as the police department, office of the sheriff and the highway patrol can issue crime reports such as arrest and police reports.

Each type of a public document is used in different ways. One may use birth certificates to prove his/her identity. The marital status of an individual can be proven by presenting the marriage or divorce license. Claiming the insurance of the deceased would call for a death certificate. Criminal records are used by employers to conduct a background check on the people who works for them. This can help them to filter out employees who may have criminal history.

One has to pay for a certain fee for the retrieval of a certain document. The fee may vary on where the record is requested. The document does not necessarily have to be a printed copy of the information. It can be in the form of a microfilm, recording, or stored in a removable storage such as a compact disk. One can even specify on the request form how the information will be delivered. One should provide the basic information of the file that is being requested to have the request processed. Also, it is important to indicate the contact information of the one who request for the record.

One should have an idea as to where to go when planning to get a copy of a public document in New York. There are several offices where one can go to in order to get a copy of a specific type of document. The Vital Records Section at the Department of Health in New York is where the birth, marriage, death and divorce records are being managed. Criminal files on the other hand, are handled by the Department of Public Safety of the state. One can also go to the county clerk office to get some of the public documents of the state. One can also send a mail order to the state offices to request for a certain file but the file can be obtained longer. To avoid wait time, the Internet has been used to deliver public documents to the residents of New York.

Online retrieval of the public records in the state of New York is now becoming popular among the residents. The state has utilized the Internet to store government information on the World Wide Web in order to deliver necessary information to the people easily. Not only that it is convenient, it is a whole lot cheaper because it cuts the cost of travelling just to file the request. The requested file can then be obtained in just seconds instead of days or weeks.

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