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New Study PTSD Treatment and Drug use Treatment

Drug and alcohol abuse treatment merged with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) treatment helps you to improve the signs of PTSD reported by a new study. Most accepted treatment plans for PTSD usually do not include cure for abusing drugs since there is a fear that remedy for PTSD will raise the substance abuse abuse. However, a new paper published inside the Journal from the American Medical Association has proved that combining Post traumatic stress disorder treatment with alcohol abuse treatment will improved PTSD symptoms without increasing the drug or irresponsible drinking.

PTSD can happen after someone possesses a traumatic experience. Experiencing a war, panic or anxiety attack, as well as a natural disaster can all trigger PTSD. Although most often associated with veterans, anyone who has ever experienced a traumatic event can get PTSD. Indicators of PTSD include sleeplessness, flashbacks to your event, and increased anxiety. In addition, many of us that suffer from PTSD put up with addiction at the same time. One study revealed that approximately 51.9{1c74626021d9c5a8d5059ea98d64b8f290317673ada7d772ef8a992974ff6973} in men with PTSD also reported having difficulty with alcohol abuse. The truth that more and more people that are suffering from PTSD also are afflicted with drug or irresponsible drinking will mean that you should know the best treatment solutions to deal with both.

Substance Abuse Treatment and PTSD
The latest standard for the PTSD is prolonged exposure therapy. During therapy sessions, patients will relive the traumatic events by explaining the expensive vacation event or events to your therapist. Desperation is this will ultimately lead to the trauma seeming less serious. Some therapists avoid the use of this therapy on people that also endure drug or dependency on alcohol, given that they fear that reliving the negative events will cause the drug or irresponsible drinking so you can get worse. However, a work around the University of New South Wales has challenged this belief. Study researchers caused 103 patients that suffer from both PTSD and alcohol and drug abuse to consider if PTSD treatment would increase drug or alcoholism in patients who’re already encountering such abuse. They randomly selected a number of the patients for prolonged exposure treatment and drug use treatment, as the other patients only received wedding and reception treatment. After nine months, both families of patients had seen decreases on their PTSD symptoms. The competition that was receiving both prolonged exposure therapy and solution for their drug or abusive drinking showed no development of their drug abuse, which happens to be unlike current popular beliefs in therapy.

That the bunch receiving prolonged exposure therapy and substance abuse therapy didn’t suffer from increased drug or hazardous drinking will perhaps get a new way PTSD and substance abuse abuse are treated. It’s great news for people trying to find assist in dealing with these two issues.

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