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Make Giving Easy For Your Employees

When you make your company’s workplace giving campaigns easy for employees to participate in, their engagement will increase dramatically. Here are some basic strategies you can use to make it easier for your employees to give:

Offering automatic payroll deductions is a great way for employees to donate to a charitable cause. When they do so, they are able to actually take advantage of their tax deduction without needing a physical receipt from the charity. With a payroll deduction, the money comes out of the employee’s pre-tax income even before the employee receives his or her paycheck. Another benefit is that a payroll deduction allows an employee to break down an annual contribution into smaller payments spaced throughout the year.

One thing that really generates enthusiasm for charitable giving is an employer matching program. This simply means that the company matches charitable donations from employers dollar for dollar. When employees know that the management has decided to match funds, it sends a message that the company is dedicated to helping others on every level. This is easy to track if employees donate via payroll deduction, but certainly is fairly simple to track if an employee has made a donation outside of payroll.

Online donations are on the rise. They are quick, simple, and can be done from any location. Each year, online donating increases as more people become aware of how easy it is. Using a secure online donation platform will put your employees at ease knowing their donations are being vetted safely. This secure platform would typically be incorporated into your internal employee website or intranet. Your company can also set up a charitable giving page on your website, with links to the various charities that you and your employees have decided to support so people can learn more about them.

Don’t forget to use social media and email campaigns to spread the word and encourage employees to donate to charities. Send out an email several times during the year, discussing the charities that are being supported and showcasing some of the accomplishments that have been achieved by employee giving. Using Twitter and Facebook is another great way to spread the word about what your company is doing. Just be sure to include a link where viewers can find more information about your corporate charitable program.

While many of your employees probably sit at a desk working on a computer most of the day, don’t forget about the employees that don’t have easy, daily access to all of your electronic notices. For those employees, you need to get out there, engage with them personally and generate interest in charitable giving. Not only will this provide you with valuable face time with employees, they will be more likely to give when you are more personal in your approach. You could just post up a sign on the wall, but it is far more effective to make a personal presentation about a cause. Be sure to also offer cards that employees can fill out to make it easy for them to donate. While it might be an extra step to have someone enter the information onto your company database, these extra donations are certainly worth the effort.

No matter which methods your employees choose in order to donate, never forget to recognize them for their contributions. While giving to charities is usually reward enough, it never hurts for someone to know that their support is appreciated.

Sebastian Troup enjoys writing about philantrophic solutions for businesses and non profit organizations. To get more information about a workplace giving campaign, or to find strategies for employee giving campaigns, please visit the site now.