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The gathering of colored contact lens “Desio Sensual Beauty Lenses” is thought to meet new demands with the modern market, approaching initially, both, men and woman clients, building a collection of Pret-a-Porter color contact lenses, sophisticated and chic through an unique design that offers a naturally colored eyes.

Desio contacts are the first niche product while in the optical market, the tradition of Italian design blends while using passion and desire, mixing shades of earth and sea to blow up into new colors made unique through the personality of those people who might wear them. The desire to create something material and tied for every day , but concurrently to cope with an edgy elegance, has become the focus within the advance of these Las lentes de contacto de color.

The Desio line is the initial on the planet that also aims to male customers looking for consistent communication together with the current trend that sees man more mindful of their appearance and own care. Vanity and charm blend of personal identity of recent sophisticated man, driven by way of the want to possess an issue that can identify to use uniqueness, yearns for something special and innovative yet traditional.

The will for something unique provides a palette of colours between warm and sensual
Caramel Brown, determined and gritty Smoky Grey shades of light Icy Blue glacial till. Colour is usually a need for harmony between the body and our soul.

Ladies won’t ever cease to attempt new colors which could broaden the vision of herself; simple gestures like putting lipstick or add an accessory say for example a colored lens, all accessories important to complete her apparel also to impose her very own femininity.

A person, however, select the color for a resolution of taste and sensitivity, where we match the
mind as well as universe and where eye may be the mirror of the soul catalyst of passion burning.
From one collection completely to another is really a palette that comes undone and reassembled in the endless
bet on which we never tire to get protagonists.

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