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Just Why Do Churches Do It Best?

A church is a beautiful building, often steeped in rich history and full of unique ideas, paintings and decoration. Their primary purpose is to offer solace and sanctuary to all those who visit them, therefore they are built for this purpose and as a consequence the themes in their decoration often successfully transfer across to residential homes. We take a look at church decoration and why it’s so timeless.

Let’s start with the concept of church lighting. This is an absolutely crucial part of a church both with regards to creating the right tone and ambience for visitors, and also with regards to symbolism. The candles typically used in churches such as tea lights and pillar candles are now so popular they’re commercially used as well, in part due to the magical ability candles have to change, make and break a mood instantly with their ethereal beauty.

The next point for discussion is colour. The neutral, plain and pure colour of white is most certainly popular in and out of holy buildings! Modernistic homes are minimalist in their design and plain in colour and white is tremendously popular in commercial design today, proving that the church has got it right. Also in use in addition to the colour of white as a symbol of purity are blues, purples and gold’s. These have their individual meanings and their own symbolism but what they all have in common is their richness and vividness. Considering the sheer number of colours in existence today, all with their own uniqueness and beauty, it really is astonishing how church colours have successfully made the transition into modern living rooms the world over.

For the next point related to the colour of a church, we have church dcor. Due to the often delicate and intricate nature of church dcor the predominant colour on to which all this decoration is fixed on is moderately plain. Decoration such as stain glass windows, elaborate statues, extraordinarily detailed ceiling paintings and ornaments that adorn almost every spare inch of space can make a church look too busy if the background canvas is a bright colour. The running theme therefore seems to be that churches go to town with their dcor, to inspire meaning, feeling and peace but keep the colours behind it fairly neutral.

Functionality is crucial to get right and adequate space to move around in is of paramount importance within the church building. When a priest gives mass those in attendance need to be able to get up and down the aisles and the church needs to be able to contain a lot of people too so of course, be adequately sized. People of all ages and abilities visit church so catering for a wide demographic of people when looking at functionality is absolutely key.

This last point and perhaps one of the things that churches are best known for is their lack of comfort and warmth. Admittedly it is tricky to heat a space as large as a church particularly with the presence of stain glass windows and the drafts from the big wooden doors swinging open and shut, good heating is actually pretty difficult to achieve, if it can be done though it most definitely is a plus!

Although not a typical type of place to look for to gain inspiration churches use a lot of themes that have successfully made the move into residential homes across the country – so pay attention, you might find something you like.

No one can argue that churches have the most incredible, peaceful atmosphere – additionally, no one can argue that candles contribute to this! Get yours by visiting