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James Malinchak’s Don’t Be A Goal Setter, Be A Real Goal Doer Part 7 of 14 CD #3

James: Then the more money I have I have some community goals that I would like to do. I live here in Las Vegas and I would like to get a program and a book that teaches children about business distributed to all of the children here in Las Vegas and then eventually all over the country. Well it takes money to do that, but that’s a passion of mine.

Why do I want to make more money for an income goal? It is to do that. It’s to impact kids and teach them a number of stuff regarding business that they are not being taught in school.

You need to number one get specific with a goal and number two you have to have a purpose of why do you want to do it? Ignite your passion. Get yourself jazzed up about it. So that’s step two.

John: Then after you have developed a purpose what is step three? What do you do next?

James: This is a critical one. I have researched goal setting. I have seen people and I’ve heard people who talk about goal setting. I’ve never heard anybody actually talk about this step other than me. I’m not trying to say look at me. Rah, Rah, rah. It’s just so unique and I cannot figure out why.

I’ve seen all sorts of goal setting plans and it just baffles me why more people do not teach this step in goal setting because I think it’s important.

Step three is to list others who can help you achieve your goals.

John: Other people?

James: Other people yes. It goes into the power of networking and we have a CD on this program about networking and how important it is.

Once you list that goal ask yourself who can I learn from who has already reached this goal? It’ll cut your learning curve in half. Who do I know who has the contacts who can help me accomplish this goal? Who do I know who can serve as a mentor to help me uncover the shortcuts to accomplish this goal?

I’m baffled that people do not use this step more in their lives and every area of their lives to try and attain any goal they want. I wanted to open up a country club, which in the past I was doing that kind of thing, a high end networking country club. Well I do not know anything about a country club and how to build memberships.

I sat down and said, “Who do I know that has built memberships of a country club?” Who could I get in contact with?

Even if you don’t know anybody who did what you’re trying to do, you just start getting it out there to people you know and somebody will say, “Oh I know Shelley and Shelley knows Tom and Tom did this before.” So now you can get in touch with Tom and take Tom to lunch or maybe you invest in a consulting hour with him if he charges that, but you can learn from somebody who has already done it and snap our learning curve in half like that.

The other thing is the doors they can open up for you. It is amazing. I am a professional speaker and there is, if I go to any kind of speaker conference I know just about all the big name speakers and I am not a big name speaker or anything like that.

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