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Items That Will Be Included In Your Design Plan

When you hire a professional interior designer, they will create a custom design plan that will include many different details. Many designers offer different levels of design plans based on client needs and budgets. Generally, a client will find the following items in a custom decorating plan.

Most designers will present a total design plan that includes a computer animated design plan or CAD plan. These are created using special interior design software, and the designer will basically take all the information about your room, from measurements to design choices, and give you a sneak peek at the finished room.

Your designer also will present a selection of fabric swatches and paint colors. The fabrics will be used for everything from furnishings to window treatments. In addition to showing paint colors for the walls or furniture, your designer also will include wall treatment ideas. This could include murals or special painting techniques or even wallpaper choices, whatever you have discussed previously with your designer. Chances are, your designer will expand on your wishes and come up with something amazing.

Furniture ideas are another big part of the overall design plan. This includes not only the type and style of furnishings for your room, but also the ideal placement in the room. It might also include any suggestions for built-in cabinets and bookshelves. There also might be suggestions for special accent items, such as artwork, clocks or decorations. You also might be including items such as televisions or perhaps a piano.

Your room could have beautiful decor and fantastic furnishings and decorative elements, but if it lacks proper lighting, then you have a problem. Another big part of your overall design will focus on lighting. This includes ambient lighting, accent lighting and task lighting. Your designer will discuss each type and come up with a plan that will bring a pleasing glow to every area of the room.

In addition to the overall plan, your designer might have prepared a shopping list for you, pricing each of your items and offering concrete suggestions about where to buy and whom to hire. This can be a big advantage to you because you typically will find better prices when going through a designer, who has more contacts throughout the design world.

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